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10% de descuento con tarjeta Santander
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Radios Originales con GPS / CITROEN C-4
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Pantalla táctil de 7"(o 5" o 8" según el modelo)
Manos libres Bluetooth
GPS con Garmin o Igo
Camara reversa
Entrada para I-Pod/I-Phone y I-Pad
Entrada USB y SD
Memoria interna para 6 CD
Conectores originales Citroen
Mantiene control de volante original
Instalación Incluida


Precio: U$S 1.190 imp. incl.

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- Compatible Format: DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/MPEG4/CD-R/WMA/JPEG
- V-6 disc changer memoery (6 disc music can be memory in the unit while you listening to the music)
- Screen type : 7 inch Digital touch screen
- HD resolution: RGB 800 * 480
- Screen dimension: 16:9
- Image Brightness / Contrast/ Color / Saturation adjustable 
- All keys supply RED, GREEN LED light, match your original car perfectly.
- Three kinds of background brightness, convenience for customer to watch the screen in day and night
- Individuated DVD logo display(captured picture)
- Can make and receive calls hands-freely, history log,dial keyboard. (the current mode will switch automatically to Bluetooth mode when call coming,
  the calling and music in mobile can be operated in devices after switch)
- Built-in Microphone in the control panel
- Support Bluetooth MP3 Player Function (Attention: This function is limited in using with the mobile phone which supports the Bluetooth Audio Output)
- IPOD is a big contents MP3 player made by apple, our DVD is with stand IPOD communication port, and after the special audio control cable for IPOD,
no need any modify, just plus that can be used, auto loading, through touch screen, you can control full function of IPOD, the screens will be showed the IPOD tracks name, playback status, time and so on.
- TV tuner type: Analog TV tuner (Analog TV is transmitted in a manner similar to radio.
  If you want "DVB-T digital TV" which sends and receives of great moving images and sound, we would like to add for your units.)
- 1× TV Antenna(DVB-T antenna)
- TV System:NTSC/PAL/SCEAM(Option)
  (NTSC is a video signal standard used by the color television industry in the United States and Japan.
   PAL is a video standard used by the color television industry and is the common standard used in Europe. Want to know what fit system applied in your country?)  
- Stations: 30 Preset stations
- FM(3*6)87.5-108MHz(Europe)      Increment  0.05MHz
- AM(2*6)522-1620KHz             Increment  9KHz
Built-In RDS Radio Receiver Function (Your radio can display rich data such as the name of the station or the track name, for FM radio signals) 
Audio & Video
- Max power: Loud 4×45W (The stereo sound quality when turn to the loudest volume)
- EQ (Effect Compensation): POP, ROCK, CLASS, FLAT
- Auto-memory Function: help you return to the last time the music or video stopped.
RCA Audio:
- FR/FL/RR/RL output (Front Right/ Front Left/ Rear Right/ Rear left. Used for connect audio media, red and white wires for audio connectors)
- 1 x AUX  R input
- 1 x AUX  L input

RCA Video:
- 2 x dual zone output
- 1 x video output
- 1 x Back Sight input(camera Input)
- 1 x AUX video input (Used for connect video media, yellow wires for video connectors.)
- Built in amplifier FR/FL/RR/RL (Front Right/ Front Left/ Rear Right/ Rear left) 4-Channel

Audio Output

USB Port: Max memory support 32GB.
SD Card Port: Micro SD Card Slot of maximum 32G compatibility
Dual Zone Function: Dual Zone function can be realized in same unit, Driver can enjoy Radio or Navigation with car
speakers in front zone; while passengers can be enjoy DVD movies by through rear AV output of unit.
PIPCTURE IN PICTURE: can watch two sources picture in the same time, available on each model, such as DVD,TV,GPS,Radio,Bluetooth, can zoom and move the picture(except radio as main menu), main menu and sub menu can be switched,its much convenient for you watching the DVD and Navigation at same time.
Steeling Wheel control function, it's easy for your enjoying the music on the way.
Card size Full function remote control.
GPS Specification
-Select Sirf dual-core ARM11 Atlas IV+DDR,higher performance.
-WINCE6.0,higher performance,higher stability.
-Select SiRF STAR III extremely high sense degree GPS receiver module, can use to the circumstance and accurately fix position under the signal is very weak.
-Sirf Patent technology -InstantFix,can be fixed location in 15s.
-The SD card stores Navigation software or multi-media files. Support SDHC,of the largest 32GB.
-Support 18 kinds of country language.
System parameters:
-Main frequency:500MHz+250MHz DSP
-Main chip model:Sirf Atlas IV
-Memory:64MB DDR(upper to 128M)
-Store space:64MB(upper to 8GB)
-Navigation software store:SD card(support SDHC)
-Operation system:WINCE6.0 CORE
GPS parameters
-Chip set:SiRF Star III
-Channel number:64 channels
Map Supported
- PolNav, IGO, Route66, Tomtom, Support 3D maps
- GPS Baud Rate=9600, Com Port=2
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